Testimonials from Beneficiaries of the Rotary Club of Goochland County



“GoochlandCares is grateful for all of the ways Goochland Rotary supports our work and the neighbors we serve. Food drives to stock the shelves in our Food Pantry, firewood to help our clients stay warm in the winter, and financial support are just a few of the ways the Club demonstrates 'Service above Self' to help community members in need through GoochlandCares’ programs.”


Liberation Veteran Services:

“Goochland Rotary was the first service organization to offer help to our veteran organization, Liberation Veteran Services (LVS). Over the years, Goochland Rotary has supplied us with financial gifts and supplies to help us help veterans. On my visits you have been kind and generous! We are growing very fast, however the relationship we have established will never be forgotten. It amazes me how you guys come together with a common cause to help your community. We at LVS would not enjoy the success we enjoy without your help. THANK YOU, GOOCHLAND ROTARY!!”


Goochland Habitat for Humanity:

“Goochland Rotary has been a valued partner and supporter of Habitat for Humanity of Goochland (HHG). In the last 26 years, HHG has built 29 affordable, reduced-cost homes for qualified residents in Goochland County. Throughout that period, Goochland Rotary has provided numerous grants from the local club foundation that were used to purchase building materials that reduced the overall cost of the home. More notably, Goochland Rotary has supplied thousands of volunteer hours in the support of construction of most of these homes. This is in keeping with the club’s focus on supporting efforts to assist members of the Goochland community. HHG greatly values its relationship with Goochland Rotary.”


Goochland Boy Scouts Troop 710:

"Troop 710 is grateful for the support given by Goochland Rotary. Beyond just financial assistance, several members have helped and mentored scouts. We're thankful for the assistance!"


Goochland Education Foundation:

“The Goochland Education Foundation could not do all we do without the Rotary Club of Goochland. We are always appreciative of all the support and expertise the Rotarians offer to advance our mission. Collectively and individually, the men and women have provided the GEF with volunteer support, financial support, and guidance that has strengthened our own organization. It means so much that we can rely on club members who are so generous to share a wide range of experience and expertise. The motto 'Service Above Self' is demonstrated on a regular basis through the Rotary's passion for helping us meet the educational needs of the county's children.”


Goochland Christmas Mother:

“Every year, the Rotary Club of Goochland actively contributes to Goochland Christmas Mother’s cause, by supporting Distribution Saturday, where resident's pick up their gift cards used towards food and gifts, boxes of community donated food, and bags with essential supplies. Goochland Rotary also offers financial support to the Association from the club's Foundation.”


Goochland Family YMCA:

“The Rotary Club of Goochland partners with the YMCA in fulfilling its mission and provides ongoing support to the Learn to Swim Program, where 2nd grade students attending Goochland County Public Schools have the opportunity to attend the program at no cost, and the Bright Beginnings Program, where the program provides 100 children with the essentials needed for a confident, first day of school. Many thanks to the Rotary of Goochland for ensuring that the YMCA remains Open to All!”

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